We value transparency and believe the tedious process of bringing a collection to life is an art form and the various partners needed at each stage of development and production are the artists. We are proud to work with our partners as they align with our strongly held values of executing high quality work, a love for the design process and collaboration, only use ethically sourced labor, and are mindful towards sustainability.

Starting a brand from scratch is an extremely difficult process. Not only is it costly, it is difficult to find partners that align with a brand's core values and are willing to work with a new brand that is unable to commit to the very high minimums typically found in the industry. Owner, Claire Pardington, utilized her own network, as well as months of research to find the top industry experts willing to take a risk on her new brand. Our entire collection (from development to production) is proudly made in New York City, with materials and trims imported from the highest quality mills in Italy and our faux fur materials from Shanghai.

PARDINGTON COLLECTIVE would also like to acknowledge B&J; fabrics-one of the industry's most famous and high-end textile vendors!


Factory8 is an all in-house, full-service development, operational, and production manufacturer. They offer an unparalleled control of production which allows it to flow through the system without numerous independent hands accepting lack of responsibility.

The production experience at Factory8 is one of planning and confirmation through completion. Working with Factory8 is like hiring an operation and production dream team that takes care of all the hassles and details of bringing a design to life. PARDINGTON COLLECTIVE is proud to partner with them!


Listorti Textiles offers the highest quality, unique textiles, trims, and custom decor for a variety of fashion brands. They are extremely skilled in all aspects of the industry and invest in their clients, especially new designers, to help set them up for success. They take pride in their long lasting relationships with European manufacturers and designers alike. Staying true to low minimums, Listorti Textiles look to support young American designers in each step of fabric sourcing, development and manufacturing.  PARDINGTON COLLECTIVE is grateful for their partnership and proud to be a client!

Overall, starting a brand in the fashion industry takes a village and PARDINGTON COLLECTIVE is so grateful for ours. If you have any further questions about how we operate, who we work with, or how a brand gets started, let us know by sending us a message below!
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