At PARDINGTON COLLECTIVE, we champion timeless elegance, versatile utility, and effortless sophistication tailored for the ambitious, modern woman. Our mission is more than just fashion—it's about inspiring and empowering our clientele to navigate life with confidence and grace.

Every piece we design seamlessly marries creativity with practicality. Claire Pardington, our founder and designer, is driven by a passion to curate wardrobes for real women, transcending fleeting trends and crafting styles that resonate with genuine experiences. By forging collaborations with emerging talents across creative domains, she ensures that select pieces in our collections carry an exclusive, artistic edge. 

Ensuring impeccable standards, each PARDINGTON COLLECTIVE piece is meticulously crafted and manufactured in New York City. Our unwavering commitment to quality ensures not only well-made attire but a lasting statement of luxury and style.



Based in New York with a tenacious passion for fashion and the arts, creator Claire Pardington began her career working under the supervision of Francisco Costa at Calvin Klein Collection, and then as head designer for The Designer Collection at Victoria’s Secret before launching Pardington Collective in 2023. 

Claire has orchestrated her entire life in preparation for her goal as a successful designer. Graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology with a Bachelors in Fine Arts (BFA), Claire then received her MBA, as well as the prestigious ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’ award at The Ross School of Business before launching her own collection. Claires vision is to create a community of creative minds that influence, collaborate, and contribute to this collective output.

“I want to truly empower my customers and make them feel like the best versions of themselves.  I want to create clothing that is always stylish and makes putting an outfit together easy.“

Now firmly ensconced in the garment industry with the launch of her eponymous line, Claire is determined to make Pardington Collective a household name within the fashion and lifestyle arena.

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